Legal Highs Available in Newsagents, Petrol Stations and Even Pet Stores

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legal highs in petrol stationIt is being reported that Chemical Legal Highs are starting to be available in outlets in the UK such as newsagents, petrol stations and even pet shops.

The substances being reported as available are the controversial “Research Chemicals” which micmic the effect of illegal substances like Cocaine and MDMA but have little or no research with regards to human use or how dangerouse they could be if consumed.

Unlike herbal legal highs that have been consumed by humans for many hundreds of years, these research chemicals are concocted in a Chinese lab with little regard for quality control or any form of testing.

According to drugscope these dangerous chemical legal highs are no longer the preserve of legal high stores and smart shops. Distributors and independant dealers are now offering them for sale in general retails stores, markets, car boorts and tattoo shops.

Although these products are sold “not for human consupmtion” and none of these shop are breaching any laws by offering them for sdale to adults. It is very worring when we see so many reports into hospitalisations due to these chemical legal highs and in some instamnces deaths being linbk to these chemical legal highs.

Chemical legal highs or Research chemicals are often given marketing names, such as gocain or poke. Currently the media is reporting an increasing number of deaths linked to these chemicals.

Today parliament will be debating new drug control measures. There is talk about a new class “D” catagory for weak cannabis and low risk legal highs. We would expect from previous experience that the govornment will ignor any advice handed to them by the independat comitie that advised them and do what ever they think will win them the most votes come the nexct elecrtion.

It is clear to see that drugs legistlation in this country is no longer about harm reduction and it will not be untill we forget about the media hype and urban myths that surround legal and non legtal highs and take a educated non biased look at these substances and take action that will actually save lived and not just win votes come the next election.

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